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Responsibility and responsibility, and take responsibility for the work in charge. Responsibility is the beginning of problem solving, the beginning of real growth, and the beginning of improving team execution;

Crisis awareness, we are in a multi-competitive and fast-changing market. All employees must improve work efficiency, actively organize supplies, and actively contact customers. We must not delay or blame customers' requirements. Always maintain crisis awareness and be fully aware If we do not take the initiative, are not active, and do not work hard, the company will be eliminated by the market, and individuals will also be eliminated;

Service awareness, the core of the business is service, the first line of business should provide satisfactory services to customers, and the comprehensive management department must provide good service for the first line of business, support the first line of business to improve work efficiency;

Awareness of competition, the market is competitive everywhere, and only by daring to participate in competition can it grow;

Awareness of cooperation and teamwork are the guarantee for enhancing the cohesion and combat effectiveness of the organization;

Learning ability and improving business ability are the guarantee of improving performance. Learn from customers, learn from colleagues, and use each learning opportunity to continuously increase the ability to master and apply many aspects of knowledge and skills such as market conditions, product knowledge, customer relationships, and communication skills;

The courage to work hard, the courage to fight and dare to win in the market competition;

Only the determination to win and the confidence and determination to win can overcome difficulties and achieve performance;

The perseverance of continuous efforts, the vigorous spirit is only for a moment, and continuous efforts are the heroes.

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